Posted: September 17, 2010 in Xisle Custom Tattoo
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Life is never dull at the shop. Today this is what happened:
A lady in her early fifties came in to get her very first tattoo. She wanted something along the lines of what her thirty something daughter had across her back, flowers and a heart with her wedding date. She’s all cheery and talkative and we hit it off.
In no time I’m working on her. All three of us are laughing and having a good time as I begin to finish putting the date on her back. It was 1975 and I had just finished the 1. She turned to me and said something about how funny it was that the son of one of her friends passed out while getting a tattoo. Then she put her head down on the back of the chair and went limp.
At this point I think, “Damn, she’s really getting into this for her first tattoo. All relaxed and shit.”
Then it dawned on me that she had stopped breathing.
I said her name a few times and began to shake her. At this point her daughter got up and began saying, “Mom, mom, mom.”
I grab a tube of smelling salts and crack it open under her nose. Her eyes slowly opened and she said, “Get that cheeseburger out of my hair! I don’t want a blanket on my chest!”
She looked at me and smiled.
Her daughter said, “We’re done, Mom. You can’t get this tattoo!”
The mother looked at her and said, “Fuck that! I’m getting this fucking tattoo, today! I’m finishing this!”
Then she passed out again. I grab another smelling salt tube and cracked it open under her nose, the smell was making my eyes water. The lady went limp and stopped breathing once again. The ammonia having no effect on her.
Her daughter is shaking her screaming, “Mom, mom! Shit, I took her on vacation and killed her!”
At this point I ran over to the phone and called 911. In the time that it took for the ambulance to arrive she had regained consciousness and passed out one more time. As they walked into the shop with the gurney, she was sitting up and talking, but still pretty spaced out. The paramedics did their thing and determined that she was dehydrated (when I asked her before we started if she had had something to eat and drink she told me she had).
She told me that she wanted to finish the tattoo so the paramedics said that they would hang out for a while and watch her to make sure. So they leave the ambulance running in the parking lot in front of my shop, which is pretty much in the middle of town. Where I live everyone knows each other and already the commotion has set off the looky-loos.
Suddenly, a belt snaps on the ambulance and it dies. The medics call in to the station and in no time a fire truck and another ambulance come roaring into the parking lot. Now everyone is rubbernecking.
She looked up at me and said, “I’m gonna get this tattoo if it kills me!”
I continue working then replied, “You know, I don’t think this is going to be too good for business.”
She laughed and said, “No, it’ll be good. You can just say that people are dying to get tattooed by you.”
We ended up finishing it, no problem.

  1. Jill says:

    Holy crap! That’s crazy sh+=!!!!

  2. Kit says:

    Wow!! I knew you were talented, but now it’s confirmed people really are dying to have your work.

  3. Haha! I would prefer my clients stay alive at least until they’ve walked out the door!

  4. TC Peppercorn says:

    Chortle! Never knew you were a tattoo artist. May have to come visit you for my next one. I won’t pass out, don’t fret…

  5. Peppercorn, I love that you chortle.

  6. Diane Busey says:

    OMG! All this commotion in the little town of Hawi???? Glad you got to finish her up and she didn’t pass out or worse yet, die in your shop! As for the ambulance and fire truck….they cause rubberneckers anywhere!
    Is there a line out the door now????? Today must seem pretty boring in the town?

  7. Diane Busey says:

    I like your blog page:-)