Days 47-53 and finally finished!!!

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Insanity

The remaining week of Insanity happened to occur over the Thanksgiving holiday and because of familial obligations and erratic work schedules we were forced to fit the workouts in when we were able. I opted to change the workout entirely by substituting the DVDs which were longer, with the shorter, 1st round DVDs. Anna on the other hand, stuck with the program all the way through, and except for missing one day due to recovering from Black Friday, only missed one day. So at the end of the 2 month workout, I had only missed one day and while Anna missed two.

I found that I didn’t miss out by substituting the workouts and in fact discovered that I worked harder doing the shorter w/o’s because I was able to up the intensity on my end. Insanity is one of those programs which push you to your limits but also advises that you do only what you are able. By that logic, substituting the workouts could be construed as following their instruction.

After taking the final Fit Test (5th) we were startled at what we found. As I’ve mentioned the FT is taken at the end of every other week to evaluate your progress throughout the Insanity program. There are 8 moves and you are required to document the amount of reps per move to give you an idea of how much you have improved throughout.
Here is a breakdown of our results:

The 8 moves-

1. switch kicks
2. power jacks
3. power knees
4. power jumps
5. globe jumps
6. suicide jumps
7. push-up jacks
8. low plank oblique

I will list our progress using the number to designate the move followed by the amount of reps per move. I am R and Anna is A.

FT-1 (day 1)

1. R-130, A-80
2. R-40, A-30
3. R-92, A-55
4. R-20, A-15
5. R-7, A-4
6. R-10, A-10
7. R-15, A-0
8. R-40, A-30

FT-2 (day 15)

1. R-140, A-100
2. R-50, A-33
3. R-112, A-75
4. R-35, A-20
5. R-9, A-8
6. R-14, A-10
7. R-20, A-10
8. R-50, A-30

FT-3 (day 36)

1. R-160, A-100
2. R-53, A-38
3. R-102, A-100
4. R-50, A-28
5. R-9, A-8
6. R-13, A-10
7. R-25, A-10
8. R-60, A-45

FT-4 (day 50)

1. R-150, A-120
2. R-53, A-42
3. R-124, A-90
4. R-52, A-37
5. R-9, A-8
6. R-14, A-0
7. R-36, A-15
8. R-60, A-46

FT-5 (day 63)

1. R-140, A-123
2. R-54, A-43
3. R-131, A-105
4. R-60, A-36
5. R-11, A-10
6. R-14, A-0
7. R-30, A-12
8. R-60, A-40

The results showed that I peaked at the 3rd FT (day 36) which coincides with the end of the first round of workouts and the beginning of the longer, second round. Where as Anna gradually improved throughout or at least sustained her past results. On the suicide jumps she actually regressed to 0 out of choice.
My results also show that of the progress that I made after the 3rd FT my increase in rep count was only marginal between 2 and 8 more reps, which I attribute to reaching a ceiling on reps versus seconds. 60 seconds a minute means that unless you have superhuman speed, the move itself limits the amount of reps that can be counted in one minute.
Anna, on the other hand, improved more over all than I did. Her results showing significant changes overall sometimes more than 50%. We both attribute this to me having been in better condition due to my continuing exercise regime prior to beginning Insanity, while Anna began the program coming off of a 2 month hiatus from any exercise.
The physical changes are apparent in both of us although they aren’t so drastic that anyone else would notice unless we pointed it out (which we wouldn’t. C’mon, who would?) We didn’t take any before pictures (dummies, I know) but even if we had I don’t think the comparisons would be anything like the night and day photos on the BB website. We both feel better and our cores are stronger as are our legs and overall stamina. I lost mass on my arms (biceps), back (deltoids) but gained mass on my triceps and quads and calves. My stomach is flatter and my obliques are more pronounced. Anna gained mass on her arms, quads and calves as well as a more toned mid section, thighs and buns. I don’t really have a butt so I can’t tell if it grew or shrank!
We both look leaner and sculpted and have noticed how the changes to our cores have effected the way we do pretty much anything. Before when I would bend over and pick something up I always made sure to use my legs so as not to harm my back but now when I tighten my core I find that I don’t need to use my legs as much when picking up a load.

Our overall conclusion is that the Insanity program is worth a try if you feel that you have reached a plateau doing any other form of exercise. Whether it be weight training or simple aerobics, Insanity will help you to improve your body. I plan on continuing to do Insanity 2X a week along with a resistance interval training to build back my arms and upper body. We have also come to the conclusion that the second half of Insanity was too long and did not offer the level of improvement overall, compared to the first half. I think that the problem with most programs is that most are too long or too short. Establishing the right balance is crucial to attaining desired results. If you feel that the workout is too long, that can defeat your motivation which is not good (duh).

If you plan on trying Insanity make sure that you have the time to do it consistently and remember to follow their meal plan and/or get the proper amount of rest!

Peace Out!

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