Ode to The Light

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Box of bacon
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Service Engine Soon
orange light of confusion
how I wish
for illuminated wisdom
instead of impending doom

What is it that you want me to know?
Is there a vacuum leak?
Is my gas cap on tight?
My seat belt unbuckled?
Or is the pressure in my tires too low?

Is the O2 sensor misreading
due to the corn-mealed gas I’ve been feeding
my car?
is it just
that my Mass Airflow Sensor
felt like taking a dump?

Why not spell something useful
“Don’t drive this thing, Asshole!”
“Goddamn light? What goddamn light? Sorry ’bout that man, my bad.”

Service Engine Soon
Soon Service Engine
Engine Soon Service
Five Dollar Hooker
pretty much mean
the same thing to me

Seventeen letters
three words
what does any of it describe?
What’s an OBD2 have to do with me?
Is P0446 even treatable?

In the end
you will win
little light with no mind
with no direction and no purpose
other than to shine
My car is running fine, for now

Sooner or later
you will mean
cause me to take action
or suffer
or so you suggest?

Forced to determine, then
which road is straighter
will I wait it out?
will I find/solve/fix/circumvent or exacerbate the problem?
will I ever see you again?
or will you

show me the fuse that shuts off the computer?

Know that I
will set after you
with my new
18V Dewalt Cordless
3/4 inch titanium bit
don’t misunderstand me

Cause my car
to shut down
in heavy traffic

if you understand


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