Ana’ole 2D, shoulder piece

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Xisle Custom Tattoo
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This pleasant fellow and his family stopped into the shop, day before yesterday, wanting a tattoo. He told me that he wanted some Poly, but was unsure as to what, so then just asked me to come up with something. He said whatever it was it had to be badass.
This is what I came up with. I decided to create something dedicated to himself and his family. I decided not to make the piece 3 dimensional, with added shading. I wanted it to be as close to traditional Poly (which does not have any shading), but be predominantly ana’ole style.
Starting at the bottom, there are two opposing ipo oto (inside of calabash) which are symbols of strength. Next, toward the front of his bicep, are the tiki of his wife and daughter. His wife’s tiki (the larger of the two)  is inset with a poi’i, a small shellfish that contains mother-of-pearl (I’ll be posting a write-up on the poi’i on my blog as soon as I have the time).His daugther’s tiki is inset with the poka’a, a symbol of strength. The large tiki on top, is the representation of the pleasant fellow, looking not so pleasant as badass.
The symbol in the center is actually two symbols. The bottom half of the circle is an etua, or divine representation of, his wife and daughter’s love and support of him; essentially his foundation. The upper half of the circle is the sun (la), which is rising. This symbolizes his commitment to them as a father and provider. The two parts act as one and perpetuate the other.
At the back of his arm are several palm fronds set with niho in Fibonacci sequence.

Aloha and peace!

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