Back in the saddle

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized, Xisle Custom Tattoo
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I’ve just returned from a short, but much needed holo holo on Oahu with Anna. Our only plans were to visit the Bishop Museum and to get Anna’s camera sensors cleaned. We managed to do both and had some time to get plenty sunburned as well as go on a food safari.

I needed to go to the Bishop Museum to do some research on my next book on Polynesian tattoo. I came away with some useful information and tons of photographs that I think will help me to produce a book on Polynesian tattoo, like no other. The last time I visited the museum must have been 30 years ago at least. I can’t remember the condition of the place back then, but I have to say that it parts of the place has fallen into disrepair, with some buildings closed down all together. It was sad to witness this and with the small amount of visitors (granted we went on a Monday), it is obvious that things need to change in order for this bastion of Polynesian culture to remain an attraction.

I am working non-stop on compiling notes (80 pages so far) and information, it seems that the further down the rabbit hole I venture, the more I learn, which is extremely satisfying. I had several epiphanies while on our mini vacation that has helped me to better understand the Marquesan mindset and impetus behind the tattoo motifs that they employed. Stay tuned here for further developments.

Aloha and peace!

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