Marquesan and Maori neck piece

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Xisle Custom Tattoo
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I did this tattoo on Friday. We will eventually add more to this piece, expanding it to include her family na ‘aumakua (ancestor’s spirits), which will likely be a paka (or two) that runs along the top of her shoulder and end somewhere on the upper part of her back.
Breakdown: right paka, closest to hairline- 2 poka’a (strength), mata hoata (protection, all seeing-eye), hope vehine (saimese twin goddesses of tattoo, also used as protection; a divine symbol), and lastly, aniata (clouds or heaven, this motif represents either or both and is also a symbol of defiance). left paka is a koru (a maori symbol, that is an unfurling fern head, equating the cycle of life). peace!

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