Traditional Marquesan, Ana’ole and Maori neck/shoulder piece

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Just finished this piece today. She wanted something that spoke of her family and ancestors. This is also a protection piece for her as well. The breakdown is as follows:

A- Aniata/ Halawai= The horizon where the sea and clouds meet, heaven, the reflection of the moon on the water. This symbol is ornamental and meant to be placed under ear lobes or any round body part. It was often placed on the buttocks (with ie vau and mata hoata) as a sign of defiance.

B- Hope Vehine= The symbol of the divine Siamese twins of tattoo, a symbol of power that invokes the power of the twins, also when placed on a female represents Kea, the turtle.

C- Lau Niu= Palm fronds, signifying higher status.

D- Mata Hoata= The face of divinity. meant to protect the wearer by ‘weeing’ danger or threats that the wearer may not see.

E- Koru= Fernhead, Maori symbol for everlasting life, cycle of life and new beginnings.

F- Poka’a= Marquesan symbols which represent strength. They add power to the wearer as well as the tattoo.

G- Etua= This particular tiki represents her son.

H- Hulu Pueo= Owl feathers. Her air aumakua is the owl. Each feather (6) represents the members of her immediate family.

I- Niho Mano= Shark teeth. Her water (ocean) aumakua is the shark. Each tooth (6) represents the members of her immediate family.

J- Hope Vehine= the placement of this symbol closes off the tattoo, fortifying it and adding protection to the symbols in the tattoo.

Peace and aloha!

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