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This chest tattoo was conceived as an aesthetic piece rather than a specific representational piece reflecting family, protection, or any other personal intent. I enjoy creating these pieces because there is less emphasis on retaining and conveying meaning in individual parts. More effort can be put into making the overall piece shine as a whole, rather than attempting to bring cohesion to a collection of pieces.
The motifs that are used are a mix of modern Marquesan and Maori. The chest plate and subsequent paka comprised of a-g, is a mata hoata, or brilliant eyes. This is to provide another set of eyes that look out for danger and protect the person. Above the mata hoata is a lei of ani ata, representing the horizon, clouds, heaven and ancestors. I placed a mata komoe, or death’s head motif in the center to refer to this person’s warrior spirit and ‘dark side’.
I chose to use koru throughout to match the piece on his left arm that was a poorly executed Maori piece and also because I felt that this tattoo was a new beginning of sorts, for this person. The difficulty, I thought, would be to blend the Western tribal on his right side (that I did not do) with the Polynesian style on his left (out of view in this shot, did not do, either), but in the end, it didn’t look all that disparate and actually flows well, in my opinion.
What you see in the top shot (before) are the stencils applied to the area. All other work was done free hand. There is more to this piece than is shown as he wanted to fill in gaps at the back of his arms. Eventually, this will include a full back plate.
This was done over two sessions; five hours each. I used Stigma V3 and Centri machines, and Fusion Ink as always.

Breakdown of motifs:

a) hope vehine/kea= creation, protection
b) ihu=  nose: breath, life (nose of mata hoata)
c) niho= teeth: courage, to protect from pain/harm
d) koru= breath, life, new beginnings (some contain open, curved lines called pakura, representing bird foot prints)
e) kai, tai= ocean
f) niho peata/ mano= shark teeth, warrior spirit, to devour, to drive out (mouth of the mata hoata)
g) mata= eyes (eyes of the mata hoata)
h) any ata= clouds, horizon where the sea meets the sky, heaven, ancestors watching over
i) mata komoe= death’s head: warrior spirit
j) ama kopeka= flame, dancing flame: fire that keeps death at bay
k) kohati= fold, crease: mark of authority
l) unaunahi= fish scales: love of the sea, fisherman
m) hinenao= love, to love passionately (representing his wife)
n) ka’ake= upraised arm: strength, power, rainbow, to lift, fly, generosity
o) pohu= Marquesan folk hero; bravery, courage

Peace! R

  1. Nicely done. You are right the differnt pieces compliment each other.