Hey, hey! We leave for New Zealand on Tuesday to film episode 2 of Tattoo Nomad!!!
We have crammed a ton of stuff into this trip and are going to take full advantage of the two week schedule to get as much content as we can into this episode. I can’t express how much I am looking forward to this trip because I have always wanted to visit since I was a kid.
I will be in Wellington from November 20-24th and will be tattooing during this time at the National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand. Please contact them https://www.facebook.com/TheNationalTattooMuseumOfNewZealand/
if you would like to book some tattoo time.
Stay tuned to my FB page for the usual photo dumps of hi-jinx and adventure!TN_NZ
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This is the first official episode of Tattoo Nomad!

It is more or less the format of the show going forward. I expect running time to increase to maybe 30 to 40 minutes as more content is added.

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Here is a link to a project that I have been working on called, Tattoo Nomad. It was originally supposed to be a sizzle reel to stir up interest in the idea but became a full episode and so I have made it the pilot.

The format will evolve; I am working on episode one at the moment (Belgium) and can say that it is more polished. That being said, I’m happy with how this turned out and for all the support that I had making it.

In the pilot I talk about my history and the history of Polynesian tattoo in regards to Hawaii. In the tattoo portion, the importance of remembering our ancestors and respecting the past is the topic.

I plan on making more of these as time and funds permit so stay tuned.



Just got back from the Great London Tattoo Show and a guest spot at Trash Tattoo in Dendermonde, Belgium. What a fantastic time it was. Took a day or five to get used to the time change but after that I was good to go.

London is always sunny when I visit which prompts people to tell me to visit more often. I certainly would love to, since London is one of my favorite cities. We arrived a day after the Manchester bombing which was a bit unnerving. The whole place had a different vibe; not bad, just a kind of tension that seemed to infect everyone. But people soldiered on and apart from the presence of heavily armed police and incessant news coverage, it was quite pleasant.

I tattooed in Alexandra Palace which was a nice piece of old architecture. The show was busy and I did a neck piece on a gentleman, which was my highlight of the show.

Belgium took me by surprise. I didn’t really know what to expect and at first, I hate to say, but I had a bit of culture shock. Coming straight from London to the cobblestone streets of Dendermonde seemed like I had stepped back in time.

In a day or two, after gathering our wits about us, it began to make sense. And then it seduced me. I really like Belgium. Our hosts were very gracious and their shop was buzzing like a beehive from the moment it opened until the doors closed. It was an all female shop and the vibe was chill and welcoming; it was nice to see it doing so well.

We went to Brugge and Gent and had a great time in between days of me working like a dog.

And then we went to Amsterdam. Everyone should go to this place before they die. Needless to say, I enjoyed it to the fullest of my capabilities.

We did some filming for Tattoo Nomad, the show that I (and my wife) are producing. Belgium will be the first official episode. I am still waiting to release the pilot episode, which is about the Big Island and Polynesian tattoo, but have to wait as I entered it into a film festival and cannot show it publicly until I hear if I got accepted or not.

In the meantime, here are some pics that you may hopefully enjoy.


This week has been all about chest plates!

Two consecutive clients, completely unrelated and unknown to one another chose to get chest plates (and a shoulder piece) to chronicle their lives and loved ones.

I’m very happy with the results and am now so exhausted that all I can do is stare off into space as I contemplate going back to work next week, lol.

Here are the breakdowns of each piece.

Mahalo for looking!

Modern Maori, Marquesan and Hawaiian chest plate and shoulder piece

a) etua hena = hand of ancestor: holding the tattoo fast to the body

b) na ihe = spear(s): a weapon used by warriors, showing his warrior spirit and willingness to overcome

c) ka’ake = upraised arm: the entirety of ‘c’ encloses other elements of the tattoo and gives strength to the motifs that it surrounds. The entire paka represents, po’o kohe, or a section of bamboo. This symbolizes resiliency and tenacity and adds this quality to the symbols contained inside ‘c’

c.1) hala = past: this is the life that he has lived so far

c.2) ano = present: this is the life that he is currently leading

c.3) mua = future: this is his future life

d) mata = eye: this looks out and protects him from impending danger

e) niho = teeth: each tooth symbolizes each one of his children that happen to also be twins

f) koru = unfurling fern head: symbolizes life, breath, growth

f.1) koru = unfurling fern head: along with the above, this also represents his marriage and is in the shape of a heart (over his heart) to show love

g) lau niu = coconut fronds: each frond represents one year of being married (15 total)

h) hope vehine = twin goddesses (of tattoo): protection, union and beauty also acting to hold up this paka



Modern Marquesan and Maori chest plate done in Samoan taulima style

a) pepehipu = hammered section: this represents a hammered piece of tapa cloth it is inset with niho for protection

b) ihe o nalu = spear of waves: warrior, love of the sea

c) hoku = (shooting) star: illuminates his way forward

d) niho peata = teeth, fence: protective barrier against potential harm

e) koru = unfurling fern head: symbolizes life, breath, growth

f) lau niu = coconut frond: royalty

g) niho = teeth: two teeth joined together to symbolize his marriage, inset into a ka’ake (upraised arm) to give strength to their union

h) lei niho = garland of teeth: to protect from danger

i) mata = eye: this looks out and protects him from impending danger

j) mata tomoe = Death’s head: this is the unicorn of Polynesian tattoo as it was initially seen on the Langsdorff voyage to the Marquesas in the early 1800’s. It was chronicled by an illustration drawn on that voyage but the image was never seen again in future expeditions and any forthcoming information regarding it was ever given. I have re-imagined it, and designed it to be skull-like in appearance. It is said to represent death but also protection from death and acceptance of death, as well.

This piece centers on the honu (turtle) and balance. The symmetry of this piece speaks of the client’s desire to have a tattoo that represents his admiration of the honu as well as elements that relate to his love for his family and the sea. Because he is an airline pilot I included elements of flight and freedom and a paka that relates to both his love for his wife and protection when he is aloft, so that he will always (find) land safely.

The manu (bird) follows the turtle towards land, as it flies (the bird flies, not the turtle!). The upper most paka represents the land surrounded by the sea. The two waves represent he and his wife and the matau (hook) that is barely visible at the front of the tattoo represents both his love of fishing as well as an anchor that ensures that he will land safely when in the air.

Here is a breakdown of the symbols:

a) Manu = bird: freedom, flight, voyage
b) Koru = unfurling fern head: breath, life, balance
c) Ipu = container, gourd: creation, container of mana (spiritual energy)
d) Etua i’ima = hands of his ancestors: hands that hold the tattoo to his body
e) Potiki = child: these represent each of his children (3)
f) Mata = eyes: protection, look out for danger, there are 2 sets (4 eyes)
g) Nalu = wave: two waves, one representing himself and his wife, respectively
h) Matau = hook: this hook represents his love of fishing as well as an anchor that brings him back to land.

Aloha and thank you for your time!

My bad!

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I will be the first to admit that I have been neglecting my blog and for that I apologize. It seems that work and life have gotten the better of me lately and somethings have slipped by the wayside, mainly, this blog.

I hate excuses and avoid using them whenever possible, so please don’t think for a moment that this is some sort of excuse, it’s just fact, lol.

The main reason that I have been silent on my blog as of late is because I am working on a project that has been consuming pretty much all of my time. Between work and this project (and also planning for my upcoming trip to London and Belgium in May) I have literally had little time to relax. But this is the game I have chosen to play 🙂

I can’t divulge too many details about this project yet, as it is still in development and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but what I can tell you is that it involves entertainment programming (television and internet) that I am producing myself. I hope to generate some interest in it (admittedly, it already has some…) and am going to be moving forward with it, in terms of my own personal branding, whether or not it gets picked up by a major network or if I publish it to my YouTube channel.

I’ve already said too much!

So, please watch this space. I will keep it updated, I promise.

In the meantime, here is some of the work that I have been up to lately.

Aloha and thanks for looking!