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Posted: September 2, 2010 in Box of bacon
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Life is the reason that I haven’t been posting anything lately. First my uncle passed away a week ago, from the same thing my dad died from: too much drinking. My uncle was young, early fifties. Near the end he lost his ability to do anything and required 24/7 care. My wife and I went to see him in the hospital and it was scary. We were the only ones in the room with him and he did not look like the man I remembered. He was down to 80 lbs. when he was healthy he weighed 250 at least. He was gaunt and his eyes were glazed over white. He was in terrible pain as his body was in the process of breaking down. It was traumatic to say the least. When he passed several days later, I knew that he was in a better place.

Then Anna and I went to Maui. She was attending a 5 day photography seminar at the Hyatt. We ended up staying at the beach house of the owner of Maui Jim’s sunglasses. Right on the beach in Napili. It had its own private beach. I ended up tattooing some people on his kitchen table which was a 600lb slab of koa or some such. It was fun although I only spent a total of 5 hours with my wife the entire time as she was gone from 7am to 10 pm each day.

Now that I’m back I have been working on my second book of The fall of Na Akua series. It is going well. Anna left the day after we got back, for Washington state. Which is why I’ve been so productive. Also found out today that my grandfather’s condition following his stroke looks to be permanent, meaning that he has such extensive neurological damage that they don’t think he will ever talk again, or be the same for that matter.

Like I said, life.