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A recovery day. Yay?

Well, it is power yoga I suppose and although the respite from the normal routine(s) is welcomed, I am only so bendy!

Also in certain poses (what Shaun T calls a twisting sideways lunge is actually a twisting warrior pose, if i remember correctly) I can see the little bit of the flab that I still need to lose hanging off my lower abdominal region like a goiter. I poke at it and it reminds me of pudding.

I think one of the girls in this video keeps staring at me, I hope that she knows that I’m married.

I did this one solo today because Anna had a photo assignment that saw her leaving the house at 8am. Not having her pitter-pattering feet, pounding out an off-beat rhythm next to me, made the workout seem extra long.

It helps to have someone to workout with, if not for motivation than at least to break the monotony of it all. Sure you can always watch the people on the screen but honestly their smug faces as they tear through the exercises only irritates me more.

I can feel the effects of the exercises when I wake up. My core is sore and my feet hurt. None of this is getting easier, but now I have more than one ab so things are looking up. Maybe by the end of it all I’ll have three?

Shudder to think.

Today I woke up early and expended what little energy that I had putting my truck back together. Did I mention that I hate working on cages, er, cars? Anna called me in at 10:30 so that we could punish ourselves further, myself covered in vaseline, grime and gas (vaseline is good for attaching hoses to fittings, among other things, ahem). So I began the to exercise as bits of rust, road grime and my own sweat fraternized to coat me in what I can only describe as a layer of cack.

I like this workout but had to pause a few times to catch my breath since I hadn’t worked out yesterday and could feel it. During one of the breaks, one of the people exercising on the video said into the camera, “I think I’m going to puke” which I think pretty much sums up this exercise. I was happy to hear that I’m not the only one then.

Peace out.

Yesterday was the first break from the rain that we’ve had in ten days. It was nice to see the sun. The good weather also meant that I could now work on my truck, replacing the fuel pump. Needless to say, I love working on motorcycles but not so much autos. Everything is so big and ungainly, nothing is where the picture in the manual says it is and knuckles are guaranteed to lose skin. And seriously putting the fuel pump INSIDE the gas tank? What an afterthought; a perfect example of American (Chevy) design ethos. And thanks for no drain plug like they had back in the day! I wrestled with a tank half full of gasoline for an hour before I cut the fuel hose and siphoned it all out.

And still, after replacing the pump, I am not finished. I had to go to Napa today so that they could sell me a one foot length of fuel hose (I only needed half that) for $23.98. Wow. Talk about being in the wrong business, I need to start selling hollow rubber tubes to idiots who think that they can work on their cars themselves.

But what does any of this half to do with exercise?
Nothing. Which is exactly what I did today.

Yes, I missed my first day of Insanity due the fact that the sun came back out and I continued working on my truck. That and my arm was feeling a little tweaky from all the cursing and gas tank wrasslin’ from the day before. But all is not lost;  Anna did the workout.

Being outside I was immediately introduced to a new perspective of our daily routine. It sounded like someone was taking a sledgehammer to the wall, or kept falling down, over and over again. I actually had to go inside to make sure that Anna was alright. I couldn’t imagine what it would sound like with both of us working out in there. No wonder our neighbors have been eying us suspiciously lately, and probably explains why they moved the goat to the front of their house.

At any rate, I will be in full effect tomorrow.

Unless the sun comes out, that is…

Gadzooks. What have we gotten ourselves into? Sweat is what we now use to clean our wooden floor. It’s cheaper than the stuff in the small metal can and leaves a clean, shiny surface. I know this because I spend so much time collapsed on my stomach with my face pressed against it.
There are other things on the floor that I notice. An old dried out bug. A wad of dog hair. Small pieces of my yoga mat. A thin black runner band. My lungs. All of these things I see while I am laying on my stomach sounding like an old, out of tune accordion with every exhale.
Because of the torrent happening outside our dogs refuse to be put out on the lanai because the water is coming from all directions. We put them out there while we exercise to keep them from being trampled while we jump around for no other reason than we are masochists.
One of them licks my face as I look up at the TV to see that break time is over. I can’t manage the strength to stand.  All that I can do is lay there and shine the floor.
Mmmmm. An M&M.

This is the monster that Anna and I could only get half way through on Monday. I must say that out of ALL the DVDs in the Insanity workout that this is the one that will work you the hardest.
We both finished it this time (no Fit Test before hand helped!) and I was sweating so much that I nearly slipped on the floor and did myself in!

This workout is relentless and is my favorite so far. I like the 4 move combos of push-ups and sit-ups because when I’m done, I cannot do either.
Sweating bullets is strange when there are howling winds and gray sheets of rain falling outside. Lots of plank work and jumping up and down. And no, its not for joy.

Out of all the new exercises (3) this is the one without any breaks. None. It’s not all that bad but I do like to have the chance to catch my breath between workouts. Call me a baby.

Anna and I certainly feel the effects of these new routines more so than the old ones. It’s a constant ache in the core that likes to make itself noticed when you do silly things like breathe or try to reach for a piece of chocolate cake.

I wonder how many people have been hospitalized attempting Insanity?

By the end of this workout you will have done at least 100 push-ups.

My bird ankles are doing the “your too old to be doing this crap!” routine again, as are my Achilles tendons. Never really knew that you could make those things so angry! Well walking is overrated anyway and makes me appear less like a knuckle-dragger than I really am.

I like to keep it real.

Eee! Eee!

If you’re reading this that means that I have perished. Seriously, this is all that I can manage to type. I spent all of my energy yelling profanities at my flat-screened appliance. Anna has now picked up on my ritual.

Go teamwork!

Today we started the second half of Insanity. We began by taking another Fit Test, and tried with all of our might to out perform our last results. Subsequently when we popped in the MIC DVD and noticed that it was 60 minutes long, we were not happy. All of the other workouts ranged between 35-45 minutes in length, so an increase of 15 to 20 minutes was not something that we expected but hey, go with it right?

Well, including the FT, that made this particular workout upwards of 80 minutes long! Yikes! We were only able to make it half way through MIC because we had expended so much energy during the FT, that we were both incapable of continuing on. Hitting the wall, is what it is called, I believe. At any rate this part of Insanity will kill us if not our TV. I have reverted back to cursing the appliance with all my heart.

What about Shaun T? Well, don’t get me started. Anyone who can conceive or take part in the conception of something so dastardly surely deserves to be hated on.

MIC is the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a hellish journey. As if it’s been a cakewalk so far.

My voracious appetite has returned as has my thirst for frothy libations. Yay?

Did somebody say cake?

It’s been almost two years to the day since I’ve become a vegetarian (of the fish eating variety). My reasons for omitting meat from my diet were many: health, not knowing exactly where the meat came from, how it was processed, gradually losing a taste for it, etc. One of the reasons had to do with the fact that I didn’t trust how other people prepared their food. Often when we have get-togethers, people bring foods that they’ve made at home, and knowing how some people chose to live made me question just how those people would regard cleanliness/hygiene, cross contamination and the like when it came to cooking, say, chicken.

Living in a tropical climate means that such things would be prudent to consider, if you have a sensitive stomach such as I do. Mayonnaise is a common ingredient to add to many dishes (macaroni salad, hamburgers, sandwiches to name a few) and can also contribute to an upset stomach if not handled correctly. Chicken is another. Many people prepare their chicken in the same pan that they use to keep the chicken once it is cooked. Without washing in between. Not good.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say ‘sensitive stomach’ I mean that I react to anything put into it immediately. And if said food is tainted or unclean in anyway, I’ll know pretty quick. Being a vegetarian has seemed to have created an equilibrium of flora in my digestive system which is much more sensitive now than it was when I ate meat.

To say that I enjoy this newly found gastrointestinal zen would be an understatement. I do whatever I can to maintain this level of balance. Occasionally I might consume something questionable (duck prosciutto surreptitiously placed in a cold asparagus soup) without too much concern, but generally I’m pretty good about it.

Back to my point.

It seems that all of the pissing and moaning that I have been doing for the past week, has not in fact been due to this work out but to something that I ate last Sunday before this particular recovery week workout began. While at a friends house having a fish fry, I ate something that I probably shouldn’t have, but considering that it was a vegetable, I didn’t think that it would have an ill effect on me. The culprit is seems, was a rather innocuous vegetable known as Hawaiian Spinach. but is commonly known as Malabar Spinach.  It looks like a miniature and very stout, romaine lettuce leaf crossed with a brussel sprout.
By the time we sat down to eat, the sun was setting and the ambient light was that duotone grey blue that makes scrutinizing things so difficult. So as I chowed down on fish brains, eyes and tails (did I mention that I had a sensitive stomach?) I began eating a nice side salad composed of fresh greens including the aforementioned Hawaiian Spinach. How would I know then that this little leaf was the reason for almost a week of intestinal unease and stomach cramping? Why the veggie and not the fish, you ask? Well, it goes back to why I don’t trust how food is prepared by other people.

The salad came from a neighbor of my friend who had picked all the greens from his garden. Everything looked on the up and up until I spotted a spinach leaf in the haze of the late afternoon light that caught my eye. Upon further examination I found that what I thought to be dark variegated lines on the leaf was actually dirt. Dirt that had not been rinsed off prior to preparation. Naturally I noticed this after I had almost finished my salad, having consumed some dozen or so leaves (which also have the texture of waterlogged fiberglass).

Now I know that dirt isn’t bad and that eating it won’t kill a person, but I also know from having a garden of my own that not washing produce correctly can result in the inadvertent consumption of any number of unpleasant substances.
Let’s see…fertilizer, such as chicken crap (salmonella), slug slime, which has been known on the Big Island to possibly contain Rat Lungworm ( Angiostrongylus cantonensis) from the slugs eating rat poop, then there’s lizard and mice crap, dryer lint, butterfly pee and the list goes on.

I tested my theory Friday night by drinking an elixir for curing any and all stomach ailments, which is five swigs of Tabasco in a shot of water. This works for almost anything, but consuming too much may kill off the flora in your stomach, making matters worse. An hour after drinking my Tabasco shot, my stomach cramps disappeared. Magic.

Now it wasn’t like I was incapacitated or sitting on the toilet for a week straight, I just had cramping in my stomach that I thought was related to my workout but was not. Since this week has been a recovery week and much less strenuous as far as the exercises were concerned, I was a bit alarmed that my abdominal regions would hurt after doing such an easy workout. So now you know. I’m not a whining baby. I just ate some bad spinach.

I wasn’t the only one that felt a little ‘off’ after eating that salad, by the way.

Next week we start a entirely new series of workouts, yay.

No wonder Popeye was so cantankerous.