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Wooohooo! 35 hours later, through blood, sweat and tears this irezumi sleeve is finally done! I had to get a little bit #GenghisKhan at the end but with some team work and plenty of Oxy’s we managed to reach the finish line.
She wanted a sleeve incorporating luck, longevity and rebirth with an homage to her grandmother. And this is what I came up with. 🙂
The red-crowned crane starts it all off at her shoulder/chest. This flows into a geisha with a castle and mount Fuji in the background. Dark clouds flow down and around the crane moving towards a Kitsune (fox) mask set onto her bicep and dark iso bars to signify Kitsune no yomeiri or, ‘the fox’s wedding’ which is the name given to the phenomena that occurs when it rains when the sun is out and shining brightly. This event is considered a good omen as is the fox.
On her forearm there are orchids for her grandmother; inside forearm is a phoenix and on the outer forearm is a blue bird in a pine tree. There are sakura placed around in various states of growth and decomposition.
Very, very pleased with how this all turned out and am happy to have it completed. I have to give credit to my client for sitting through this all and my lovely wife for lending her talents to capture this piece with her photography skills.
Thank you for looking!





Completed this sleeve a few days ago. Sumi-e style geisha with sword and Ronin, both surrounded by cherry and plum blossoms. Fusion Inks, Envy needles and Bala tattoo machine. 8 hours total working time. Peace!



Did this yesterday, just thought I’d post it since I’ve been writing so much, I’ve been neglecting my blog. Anyway, girl done in sumi-e style, in a grove of plum and cherry blossom trees. First time I used my new Bala Machine from Spain.  mark_geisha


I did this tattoo last week. It’s from a painting done by a friend of the client. Indian warrior.