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Aloha! I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. Just wanted to post this pic of an upper back piece that I did last week on one of my regular clients. Full moon with halftones. Enjoy!10917383_10205871241881878_4507206284130637999_n

Did this arm piece in a two day session ending yesterday. It is to symbolize his mother, father himself and his journey through life thus far. I used modern paka arrangements to add a distinct flow. Since this is only 3/5 of the way finished I will wait until completion before posting meanings. I just thought I’d post it anyway 🙂 peace!tryston_sleeve_web

Alright. I’m done yammering on about this book. It is finally finished, proofed and officially for sale on! Woot!
The official release will be at the Polynesian Ink and Art Expo on Oahu (@ the Blaisdell Center), August 2-4. I will be selling signed and personalized copies at my booth (Xisle Custom tattoo) which will be next to the Fusion Ink booth.
I busted my hump for 2+ years researching and writing this thing, pretty much non-stop, meaning no social life and hardly any time for myself, but it was worth it. 🙂
I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. Aloha! Roland

Here are 6 pages from my next book, The Fundamentals of Traditional and Modern Polynesian Tattoo. They are 99.8% complete.
I don’t have an official page count as of yet but expect it to be somewhere in the 200+ region, with close to 230 illustrations, pics, and diagrams.

I have been working on this project for the last 2 years and hope to have it finished and ready for production by June/July in time for the Pacific Art and Ink Expo in Honolulu in August. I will be there either in my own booth or at the Fusion ink booth.

This book will be 8.5 x 11, black and white. The original idea was to go full color, with glossy inserts but that hinged on my Kickstarter project which did not come to fruition. The upside is that the cost of the book will be much lower than originally projected so expect this book to be around $40USD.

Since I am writing, illustrating, editing, and doing layout there may be a delay here or there, but so far everything is looking good and I haven’t had any issues except for having to learn InDesign on the fly.

I will keep posting progress reports.

Aloha! Roland

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