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Ku is one of the most diversified of Hawaiian deities in respect to having many facets to his character, which over time were considered separate gods embodied in one, so to speak. Ku was considered the male element and counterpart to Hina who represented female energy. Both were ancestral gods of heaven and earth who controlled the prosperity of the earth and the generations of mankind to come. Ku also presided over all male spirits as Hina did female.

Again the issue of dualities arise where you have an entity that oversees life but is also a progenitor of war.

Who said that the early Hawaiians weren’t a complicated bunch?

The word ku also means, “to stand, to rise, to extend” while hina means, “to lean down or to fall” which corollate to their respective male and female elements, respectively.
Ku was also considered the god of the forest and rain, god of husbandry, god of fishing and god of sorcery, among many, many others but he was primarily worshipped to produce crops, to bring forth food from the land, to bring about good will, and to kick massive amounts of ass when such things were required.