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This Ana’ole chest piece is the male side counter part to his left side, female piece already in place. This piece is a personal expression of this person’s life journey and so out of respect to him I won’t go into detail of ‘why’, but will simply breakdown the symbols used.

This is the god Ku, spitting forth waves of water and lightning. There are other storm elements in this piece as well: rain and wind. The piece flows up his chest, to his shoulder where it transforms into the talon of a Hawaiian hawk, ‘io. All of the curved motifs such as waves, are formed with the Golden Ratio in mind. All of the motifs are also reflecting Fibonacci sequences, mainly in the 1,1,2,3,5,8 range. The GR and FS was part of his request and I decided to make the entire piece reflect these qualities instead of just a few motifs.


a- the god Ku, god of war
b- fire, ahi / ama kopeka, this symbolizes power and guidance
c- koru placed in the style of a warrior at the edges of the mouth
d- shark teeth, niho mano, strength and ferocity
e- waves, nalu
f- rain, ua
g- lightning, uila
h- talon of ‘io, inset with twin etua for strength as well as arrows of FS
i- etua, in this case a gosling of strength that is holding up the gust of wind coming from the ‘io talon
j- wind, makani, this is a vortex of wind created by the talon
k- feathers, hulu, these are feathers of the hawk inset with vanes of FS





This ‘io (Hawaiian hawk) is one of four of this person’s na aumakua. ‘io is inset with traditional Poly symbol for manu (bird), on its back. Mata hoata (brilliant eyes) on its tail and wind above and below. Also hope vehine symbol above its head honoring the twin goddesses of tattoo, and protecting the ‘io’s back. woo hoo!