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So, here is my zombie army.
A few weeks ago I decided to do a watercolor study on Bikini Girls. But after a while I thought, ‘Why stop at girls in bikinis?’. That was when I decided to paint celebrities instead. To recap, these are my celebrity zombie watercolor paintings that I just finished. They depict people that we all have heard of, and some of them are naked. BE WARNED! If you are the type of person that can’t stand the sight of an undead, half-naked woman, eating people, then what’s wrong with you? I mean, avert your eyes.
To those who would label me a zombie sexist, in my defense, I would like to state that in the next series I will be including men and other detestable creatures.
I made a video slide show of them all and posted it on my website as well as youtube, if you want to take a look you’ll also have to be subjected to my caterwauling. I decided to post them individually because I always screw up the album somehow.
Also, before anyone cries, ‘Pervert!’ I will have you know that Anna picked all of the models except for ‘Daddy’s Girl’.
These are on 11×15 Canson 90# cold press paper, painted with Reeves (series 2 will be painted with Holbein colors), and were all painted at the same time.