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Ana'ole Ploy (chest)
This is Ana’ole Polynesian, a style that I have been cultivating over the past three years. I utilize the Golden Mean, Chinese/Western astrology, chakras and i’ ching in the design process. I aim to create pieces that look as if they are in motion, almost as if the piece itself is alive. So much of modern Poly is an amalgamation of antiquated symbols whose meanings have been lost to time. My intention is to modernize the genre in a way that speaks to our modern sensibilities.

This tattoo was for a person going through many life changing experiences and because his journey is personal, I won’t go into too much detail out of respect for his story.

His chest represents himself and his son as they charge ahead through life. There is a sun directly behind both of them which is a symbol of enlightenment and courage as well as providing a light to better help illuminate the path that he is now on. In the center of the sun is a turtle shell which represents protection. Directly beneath their faces is the maka nui or all seeing eye. This symbol is meant to steal the power of his enemies as well as strike fear into their hearts. Because this person ended up having so many ‘earth’ related indicators in his ‘chart’ I utilized an earth motif throughout the piece. Which is why there is a single palm frond (royalty) between the eye and the faces.

Moving up his neck are 3 waves which represent his past, present and future. The past wave falls upon his back indicating that his past is behind him. The wave is riddled with caves which represent darkness and kiawe thorns which represent obstacles. The center wave is the present which moves down to the top of his shoulder which is an unfurling palm frond, a symbol of growth.  The future wave is at his neck and is filled with seeds which represent opportunity and change. Underneath the palm frond is a checker board pattern which represents wind, also a symbol of change and it also represents Kohala (a windy place to live) which is where he is from.

The arm piece is where he will derive his strength, and is dominated by the ‘io, or Hawaiian Hawk. This bird is a symbol of strength, nobility and power. The hawk has an awakened third eye which symbolizes enlightenment and higher consciousness. Above the eye are three stars which are also symbols of enlightenment and direction so that he does not lose his way. Moving up toward his shoulder we see a leaf of aloe unfurling, which symbolizes healing. In the cheek of the hawk there are flames to bring elemental balance to the tattoo. Behind the hawks head is a stem of bamboo which symbolizes strength, will and flexibility. Above the hawk are two swirls of wind representing the sky and change.

This piece is 99% finished as of today. All that is left to do is fill the small triangular shape on his shoulder and the small space behind his arm.

This represents 18 hours of work, with 12 alone spent on lining!