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It’s roughly been 12 years since I stopped playing music. Not that I haven’t picked up the guitar now and then to make noodles, but that isn’t the same. Playing in a band for a solid ten years, practicing 3 nights a week and playing shows on the weekend, takes up a tremendous amount of time and energy. Needless to say, when that all stopped it left a considerable vacuum in my life. Add that frenetic pace to the way that our band just slowly came apart, left me with a bad taste that only time could cleanse away.

I’m either all in or out. That’s how I do things. So ‘dabbling’ in music was not an option. If I planned on doing anything music-wise it was going to have to be a complete re-immersion (although not nearly to prior levels!).

Back in February I got a wild hair and decided that the time had come for me to see if I had anything left in me, musically. I went out and bought a new electric guitar, bass, electronic drums, digital mixing board, and a couple of amps. Anna and I rearranged the office to accommodate it all, and in an instant I had a place to make noise.

The first thing that I noticed about playing music by myself was that it’s lonely. Not sad, lonely, but the collaborative spark of others was something that I had taken for granted all of those years ago. Now that I had no one to bounce ideas off of, it was truly like learning to write songs all over again. I was excited at the prospect of having full control over what was being produced but the lack of a counterpoint(s) made me second guess myself more than I was used to, in the context of creating music.

Since I don’t write or read music, the first thing that I needed to do was come up with a system of putting the music on paper so that I would have a reference. When I played with other people, I would simply remember all of the music. But recalling the queues would often be triggered from the other instruments and since there weren’t any, I would have to come up with a system. This would prove to be the biggest challenge.

Eventually, I figured out a way. The result looks more like an algebraic equation that anything, but it did the job. Once I had this template (which combined all the instruments at once), I was ready to go.

This song is a bastardized version of what it originally started off being and the loneliness that I spoke about earlier is somewhat apparent in this tune. I have always gravitated to the slower, dirge-esque tempo but fully understand that an album full of down beat music is just that. I don’t know in which direction I will be heading on my new reunion with music, but I’m certain that the journey will be the reward.

Here is the link to the song, which is free to download, just drag and drop.

Hope that you enjoy it.


Download Song: Penumbra

Once you have clicked on the link above, go to the BLUE link at the bottom of the page to download the tune.