Ana’ole, Marquesan, Maori foot tattoo

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Xisle Custom Tattoo
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This foot piece is about this person moving forward, entering another chapter in her life. It is also to protect her on her new journey, wherever that may lead.
The overall shape of the two paka are in the shape of a wave, intending to symbolize change and power. The breakdown of the symbols are as follows:

a- Ama kopeka= billowing flame. Intended to guide her way forward and illuminate that which may not be so easily seen.

b- Hala, Ano, Mua= past, present and future represented by three waves, inset with bands in Fibonacci Sequence. This is essentially her forward movement through time. The flowers over the present wave symbolize the beauty of the present moment and a reminder to always enjoy it.

c- Kaake= upraised arm, this motif symbolizes strength and generosity. It is also used to convey movement such as from one place to another or to fly away (she is moving off island).

d- Koru= fernhead, this Maori motif represents the cycle of life as well as new beginnings.

e- Mata=eye, this symbol is to keep an eye out, to see danger before it happens.

f- Etua= godling, this symbol is fortifies the strength of the tattoo and protects the motifs.

g- Hiku atu= bonito tails, this symbol is to impart speed and to assist her in the water to ensure that she is always safe when in the sea.

h- Iima=hand, these are divine hands that hold fast to her and the motif. They symbolize giving and possession and are intended to fortify the tattoo.



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